Meet the

Dynamic Duo

We're on a mission to make you the center of attention

Here at Content Factory, we create visual content for your business based on research & strategy surrounding your ideal customer so your content stands out from your competitors on social media and you become the center of attention.

We see you. You're competing daily for your customer's attention on social media & it's not easy to stand out in a saturated market!

With a little bit of Content Factory in your life, it won't long until your social media & your website are chock-full of professional photos, graphics, & animations that are not only made 100% customized to your business and intentionally created through strategy & research but they’re also unique, fun, & dare I say… scroll-stopping?

Why is Content Factory different from yo

Content Factory was born through founder Erin's experience creating unique, custom content for businesses. Over time she realized that her special mix of media was the secret sauce every business needs, and began offering the first Content Factory service.


With the success of her new service, Erin decided to change direction and focus on solving creative-minded business' content problems full-time. Production Director Jacob Orlowski teamed up with Erin in her studio space to allow Content Factory to continually pump out fun, new content.

Erin Sullivan

Founder + Creative Director

A graphic designer turned creative entrepreneur, designing & planning content for businesses in Kansas City and beyond. Excited to work with businesses and improve the way they attract their audience.

Jacob Orlowski

Production Director

A displaced filmmaker creating beautiful imagery in Kansas City. Comfortable directing the fast-paced workflow of a local news station or curating compelling visuals for photo and video.