Ditch the generic visuals that blend into the Insta feed and jump into bold and custom visual content created specifically for your audience.
Ready for a business defining question?

​If there was a way to stand out from your competitors and create “hey that’s us” content right from the jump, without spending valuable time each week that you could be using to expand your business, would you be willing to let the professionals take the reins to create the scroll-stopping content that your business deserves?

Does any of this sound like you?

You feel like the algorithm is working against you when you see your competitors post yet another Instagram photo that draws in your potential customers.

You see your own visuals and wish they were so uniquely "you" your audience can spot them a mile away.

You're so tired of putting in the effort to stand out from competitors when you feel like you're getting lost in the realm of the internet.

*raises both hands*

Then you've definitely been through this before...




You wanna throw your phone across the room because you can't figure out an "algorithm"


Your competitors are posting about selling out of products that they just launched and your products are just waiting on your website ready for a sale.


Your latest social post didn't get ANY engagement and doesn't even feel like your brand.

If you don’t feel like your audience will ever find you and you’re not seeing the results you want on social media or your website, then copying your competitor or spending precious time creating kinda sub-par visuals is not the answer to your problem.


If you’re dying to stand out on this big ‘ol thing called the internet then you need custom visual content that showcases you, your brand, and your products.

With all the blood, sweat, and tears you’ve put into creating & choosing your products that you know are made just for your audience, isn’t it about time that they notice YOU and think of you first when they’re ready to buy?


so you can expand your business, spend time with your family, take a nap, go to the movies, anything!


that make your audience fall in love with your product and your brand



to your customer every single time whether they're adding things to their cart or suggesting to a friend.

Ditch the generic visuals that blend into the Insta feed and jump into bold and custom visual content created specifically for your audience.
Why Custom Content Though?

Custom Content Catalog was created through first-hand experience when Erin’s first business began thriving after she started adding strategy and a touch of research before creating social media graphics.


A light bulb went off *ding* and she realized that her special mix of strategy & visuals was the secret sauce every business needed to thrive on the Internet, showing customers what they’re missing out on and standing out in a saturated market because visuals are one of the most important parts in the customer's buying process & can make or break the decision to buy or not.


Between Erin & Jacob, Content Factory has a mix of specialties. From finding the perfect light for your photoshoot and editing your photos to complement your brand, to coming up with your unique art direction, concept, and visuals that make your audience go “Woah I love that”.


We are equipped to take your brand & product from yawn-inducing to scroll-stopping.

It’s Global Entrepreneurship Week in Kan
The only visual content service that creates scroll-stopping content to help you stand out in a saturated market all based on audience research & content strategy.

We’ve spent the last 12 months working with

product-based businesses like yours that:

Businesses that struggle finding their unique voice & unique aesthetic that will draw in their ideal customer


Businesses that don’t have the creative team behind them to make all the branded content that their audience is craving


Businesses who despite creating products with love and attention aren’t showing their audience how perfect it is for them


Businesses that are determined to succeed in a saturated market because they believe in their products and want to be there for their customers


Businesses that love the idea of visuals made specifically for them but don’t have the creative team to back them up


Businesses that spend way too much time worrying about what to post on Instagram or Facebook that day


Businesses that try so hard to plan ahead but have so much going on in their business and personal life to take the action they’ve been meaning to take


Custom Content Catalog will result in a cohesive brand & social media, increased social media engagement, confidence in your sales, plus a large catalog of custom content to repurpose on your website, ads, social media, and more!

What do I get with Custom Content Catalog?

What don't you get with Custom Content Catalog is the real question...


Ditch the confusion surrounding your content, your strategy, and your audience and finally feel like your business can stand up against your competitors. We’ll dig deep into what makes your business uniquely you so we can create visuals that make your audience get *heart eyes*.


This includes:

Half-day consultation

  • We'll get to know your business REALLY well. This is where we’ll go over the process, timeline, & what we’ll need from you during this time. We’ll show you our ideas and go over your questionnaire.


Stop creating without a plan and finally feel confident with what you post on your social & your website because you know that it was all made with strategy (& love).

This includes:

Content strategy based on market & competitive research

  • We do LOTS of research and create a content strategy for you before we design anything or photograph anything. We do this because when your visuals are based on strategy they convert better and that’s what we want in the end! We want your visuals to convert into sales.


Let go of feeling like you don’t know what your audience wants out of you and your business and finally understand what you should be doing to attract them better.

This includes:

A pile of audience research

  • We’ll do the heavy lifting and do the research for you and pass along the information we gather. You can use this information for any other part of your business. Research is a key component to marketing so this research is perfect for expanding your business.


Delete those free stock and low res iPhone photos of your precious products and upload your shiny new, stylized photos.

This includes:


30 styled photos

  • These photos will be created with a unique art direction so your photos won’t look like those reused stock photos *phew*

  • Use these photos anywhere from social media & your website to magazines & billboards. This will create some killer visual consistency for your business!


Ditch the graphic templates you find online that EVERYONE is using and finally start posting branded social graphics that were created just for your business and with your audience in mind.

This includes:

20 social graphics

  • These can be used on multiple social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Linkedin. 

  • This is so your audience can start recognizing your brand immediately and stop scrolling to see what you’ve posted. Helloooo, increased brand recognition.


Let go of that idea that you can’t use video content because you don’t have the equipment or creativity and start using engaging video content with these GIF animations.

This includes:

10 GIF animations

  • Video content is crucial to increasing visibility and these GIF animations are a unique way to show off to your audience and use video on your social media & website. Plus it’s great way to spice up your Insta feed.


Get even more visible on Instagram Stories, TikTok, Facebook Messenger, and more! We’ll create 5 GIPHY stickers that you can use on GIPHY, your website, email, etc.

Value = $500



Since we're making GIPHY stickers for you so you can use them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., we'll help you get verified on GIPHY so you can find them on all of the GIPHY's integrations like IG Stories.

Value = $150

Create Content Your Audience Craves

You'll get access to our Create Content Your Audience Craves crash course where we'll teach you how to create and repurpose content specifically for your audience.

Value = $197

But don't just take it from us...
"Erin & Jacob are content creation geniuses."

Tell Us More Podcast

"The end result looks better than I could have imagined and looks professional, creative, and unique."

Purpose Communications

"They fully took the time to work out a content strategy, making each project unique to the client."

Firebrand Collective

Custom Content Catalog

Investment: $4000

(or 3 payments of $1400)


60 pieces of custom media to invigorate voice and values into your brand. This is for the business that wants to sell on social media and prep their e-commerce site for all the customers that will come scrolling for your products.

What's Included:
• 30 Photos
• 20 Graphics
• 10 GIFs

You're ready for
Custom Content Catalog if you want to:

Stand out from your competitors so you can finally show your audience your product was made for them.


Create consistency in your brand with custom visuals without spending hours each week planning & designing.


Get your ideal customers to think of you first without them clicking through multiple websites trying to decide who to buy from.

Have a full catalog of visuals that can be repurposed for anything like your website, your socials, and any print material you use.

Ready to level-up and stand out in a saturated market?

Start here by filling out the questionnaire. After you’ve filled out your questionnaire, you’ll be prompted to book your discovery call with us (this will be a virtual meeting on Zoom).

This is where we’ll:

  • Drink coffee (at least we will be!)

  • Talk about the creative & research process we’ll use for your content

  • Get to know you and your business

  • Go over the next steps in Custom Content Catalog like payment plan, strategy meetings, and more!

Custom Content Catalog Timeline
Get to know us

Come visit our studio for a coffee or mimosa (or hop on a call with us!) and get to know us and see where the magic happens

Start with strategy

Before any photoshoots or designing we start with a strategy session and go over all things content, social media, branding, etc.

We plan & plan & plan

We plan out exactly what your content will look like so that it's 100% custom, branded, and targeted to your ideal customer.

Photoshoots & social content

This is the fun part for us! Jacob has his photoshoots (fun props & all!) and Erin designs the graphics & GIFs for your brand.


After we finish all your content & it's completely customized to your brand, we'll present our work to you!


Once it's all said and done we want to celebrate YOU. We'll brag about you on social media and even showcase your brand & products.

Frequently asked questions

What's included with Custom Content Catalog?

You'll get 30 styled photos, 20 social graphics, 10 GIF animations, content strategy, customer research, brand consistentcy, time back in your schedule, plus all the bonuses we throw in.

Who is this package for?

This package is for anyone using social media to sell and who plans to repurpose their content. Due to the amount of visual you receive, this is perfect for product-based businesses so they can use these photos on their website, social media, & more!

How long will this take to complete?

We create the visual in two parts so you'll get one half of the content after about one month and then the next half after two months.

I have a calendar of product launches for the year. Will this work for me?

Yes! This is perfect for you! We'll work with you to create visuals that you can use for all your launches.

I'm really busy. What kind of time commitment do you need from me?

We'll need your time for the half-day consult at the beginning of the project, some time via email to answer any questions we may have. Then we'll need your time when we present each round of visuals (2x). The amount of time you save by having professionals take over your countent is much higher than the time you spend with us!

What if I want more graphics than photos?

We'll defintely work with to determine the amount of graphics and photos that your business needs. Due to the amount of work each phase takes, the price may increase depending on the amount of visuals.

Do I own all these visuals once they're delivered?

So glad you asked. You'll have Unlimited License to use these images anywhere you'd like and any time you'd like. We retain Right to Authorship meaning we can use the images in our portfolio, websites, galleries, social medai and other media solely for the purpose of showcasing our work but not for any other purpose.